Sunday, September 14, 2008


by: jeebeey

The first time I saw you
Ur just nothing
I don't care if I saw you
Or even if ur here

The second time I saw you
U r with someone else
Someone, I knew
Someone, my mate

Everyday u come
Everytime I see U
Everysecond you look at me
I always asked, WHAT IS THIS??

Now ur in a relationship
Now that I know what is it...
I cannot look at u
everyday, everytime, everysecond
you look at me

Once in my LIFE

u complete me
in behalf of my sad

once again in my LIFE
I feel again the emptiness in my heart..

I think its just once...

Friday, September 12, 2008


by Mar-Joe

My friend!!!
Ur so chubby
and I want you
to hug me

Your so lil
thats why
I always
huG u

We are so different
Opposite and repEL
But it;s just a physicaL
and I dont care

Ur so franly
Sometimes I get hurt
U always want to hurt me
But i Know what is meant

Every talk, laugh, and cry
we have shared
Is the treasure
I will always kept

But i know, One day it will come
And We need to separate
You may GO or I may GO
But always remmber
I will never let our frndhip Go.

Your my friend, my Buddy, my sister
Opposite in so many ways
But I love YOU
And I always do

Maybe we'll find new friend
But im hoping you will not forget me too..
UR friend hugd you, cried at you
UR friend always here FOR yOU!!

Here in H.R.D.
ur always be my
Huggable Real Dear friend!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Simple Message

by: Ryahscel Armamento

How do you see your life?
While looking at the brightness of the skies,
And the clouds hugging the lights of the sun,
Does it make you feel so right?

On the start of this day,
We should thank Him, come what may,
Say even a simple message as a prayer
Cause He is the reason why we live and stay.

So, don’t complain for what is happening
Be thankful, cause He wants to see you improving
Remember that the reason why He doesn’t give you everything,
Is that he wants you to appreciate what you are having.

Don’t be afraid to face the trials of your life
Just stay calm and give to Him all of your trust
For you should know from the start
He is always there and never let you hit the ground.


by Ryahscel Armamento

You and I might not look the same
But its our smile that connects our name
We always share thoughts and ideas,
Talk about anything just to make those smiles last.

Through thick and thin, we’re partners in crime
We always have laughters, even we don’t have enough time
Do our assignments together for the last two minutes,
And it seemed that for those moment we have one spirit.

I have nothing to say about our
I guess this is the true meaning of friendship
We are both unique in our own different ways
But this uniqueness let us have our special days.

I know that someday, you and I
Will not only be the new CPA’s of I.I.
But also, best friends for all times,
We will not leave and forget each otherfor the
rest of our lives


at all timespeople hide their true feelings...
be you...
do not afraid to show yourself to another...
if you do really want to have thembeing you is the only key...
if you want to impressbeing you is the only way...
if you want to be bless
He only need is YOU...